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"]NWM[ - A clan for modders, founded by modders!"

Links to Download Pages Description
BF2HubWebsite link for replacing (You need this to play BF2 online)
Battlefield 2 Patches and FixesDownloads to fix issues with BF2 v1.5
AIX2 Mod DownloadDownload of the Allied Intent eXtended Mod for Battlefield 2
NWM AIX2 Mini-ModDownload of Night Watch Militia created Mini-Mod for AIX2
Other AIX2 Mini-ModsDownloads of other Mini-Mods for AIX2
AIX2 Map ArchiveDownload links for individual AIX2 Maps (500+ maps / 30+gb total!)
BF2P4F DownloadsBattlefield 2 - "Play for Free" downloads
NWM Player RanksRanking of all players on the NWM Servers
Server Map ListList of maps currently in rotation on the NWM Server
OLD NWM Forums PageThe old NWM forums page that will be deleted soon
Battlefield 2 AIX Server
Teamspeak 3 Server
A note from the Admins
Our website has always been free for the BF2 mod community to use. We built our own hardware, maintain the site, and pay for the high-speed internet connection that is required in order for our users to have a decent download speed. We did this so that other players and modders in the Battlefield 2 community to have a place they can download mods and maps for free without being bombarded by advertisments or pop-up windows. We also do not throttle your download speed if you are not a "member" forcing you to pay a "premium" for extra speeds.

Up till now, all costs associated with this website have been born by the site administrators. We kindly ask that if you find this website of value, then make a small donation ($1 to $5) to help the admins keep this site up and free for all to use.

Thank you,
The Night Watch Militia Mod Team
Col. Korg, Lt. Fred, Capt. Mayhem and Terminator.

For problems or issues, please contact the site admin, Korg, via our forums at the above link.