Night Watch Militia - NWM Core Installer and Map Packs

Download Link Size Description MD5 Hash (to verify download)
nwmCoreMiniMod.exe 889 MBNWM Core Files Installer 65CB33886B2FDF358620916976EDD27F
nwmmp1v2.exe 1,138 MBNWM Map Pack 1 - v2 5B55F6DB5D7E1190262C9BFB436762F2
nwmmp2v2.exe 1,244 MBNWM Map Pack 2 - v2 B9436EED057C8115630CD4DD44DB7233
nwmmp3v2.exe 924 MBNWM Map Pack 3 - v2 BD04E7755184CBB4740B2B0EE3437042
nwmmp4v2.exe 1,171 MBNWM Map Pack 4 - v2 C9601040E4108431A6F1C8C271C79C30
nwmmp5v2.exe 1,180 MBNWM Map Pack 5 - v2 50E09A55FE14646BAFBC9C4DBC46E8F2
nwmmp6v2.exe 1,222 MBNWM Map Pack 6 - v2 18F658CE13CC6DE07FFFE11B85D0E468

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