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Night Watch Militia - About Us

Member Biography

Lt. Fred is one of the original founders of the Night Watch Militia. Lt. Fred started modding Battlefield 2 back in 2008 and has created some of the most beautiful maps in our collection such as NWM Eliminate ISIS and NWM Highlands. Lt Fred was also one of the core members of the "Nations@War: Project Revive" modding team.

Sweeper69 was also one of the original founders of the Night Watch Militia. Along with Lt Fred, he created some of the most memorable, and most intense maps in the NWM collection.
Sadly, on January 15th, 2021, Sweeper69 lost the battle against cancer and is no longer with us.
Rest in Peace, Sweeper69. You may be gone but you will not be forgotten.

Evil is also one of the original founders of the Night Watch Militia. He is a very talented graphic artist and is responsible for the NWM Griffin logo and the member sigiles you see here. His abilities do not end there and he also skilled with the BF2 Editor for making maps.

Captian_Mayham (The Western Canadian Connection ) has been playing since 2005 when it began. He's explored most of the mods, and has joined several clans before joining NWM. His knowlege of the game in aiding in creating, testings, in all areas of modding.

Terminator333 is a member of the Killing Ground Bastard Clan (KGB) and also joined NWM as one of the very early members. Somehow, he managed to obtain anti-grav technology and apply it to helicopters. So if you see an AH-64 Apache, RAH-6 Notar or a AH-60 Battlehawk with more weapons on them than some third-world country's entire arsenal, then you are seeing some of his handiwork.

Korg is one of the very early members to join in with Lt Fred, Sweeper69, and Evil. Having over 40 years of programming experience, Korg's approach to modding BF2 was not the Map Editor, but the good old Notepad.exe text editor. His contribution has been the importing (stealing) of several vehicles from other BF2 mods such as the AC-130 from Desert Conflict (DCON), the X-Wing from the BF2142 Mod First-Strike, the F-22 Raptor, and the RAH-66A Commanche. All of these were extensively re-coded in order to work in the AIX mod. He also built, maintains, and hosts our website.

Edward_X_Scissorhands has been playing BF2 for 11 years, and AIX as a part of NWM for over 7 years. Most recently as a beta tester for the new mod. Also enjoys flying the Apache and F-22. On ground pounders plays medic to keep teammates alive and well or as a sniper with an emphasis on headshots. Also has an affinity for the M203.