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NEW! The Night Watch Militia Mod for Battlefield 2

About the Night Watch Militia Mod Launcher Application
After years working on the NWM mini-mod for the Allied Intent eXtended Mod (AIX), the NWM Mod development team has built a new FULL Mod for Battlefield 2.

This new NWM Mod includes all of your favorite AIX base maps as well as the best of the NWM maps. It also comes with all new weapons, kits, and vehicles!

We have extensivly tested this new NWM Mod for issues that were known to plague the older AIX Mod and Mini-Mods that ran under it.

In an effort to keep the NWM Mod consistant and always up to date, we created a "NWM Mod Launcher" desktop application. This NWM Launch application automatically downloads, installs, and updates the new NWM mod in your Battlefield 2 folder mods folder.

Here are just a few of the features of the NWM Launcher program:
  • Rapidly downloads and installs the NWM mod files!
  • Multi-threaded architecture for the fastest downloads!
  • Keeps the NWM mod files up to date!
  • Never miss a new map, vehicle, or bug-fix!
  • Automatically detects and fixes corrupted files!
  • Able to launch Battlefield 2 with NWM Mod in either "Full Screen" or in a "Window".